jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Jelly Jamm

Some changes in life...New job, I´m the animation director of Jelly Jamm. New tv show from the creators of Pocoyo at 737Shaker and new location, I moved to the country side to a small village beside the mountains...The one I see from my window is called the dead woman...

3 comentarios:

Patxi Pelaez dijo...

¿Qué puedo decir?...Impresionante.
Muchas ganas de ver más cosas.

Felices Fiestas :D

Pedro Daniel dijo...

Joder q chulo!!! :D

gizem güvendağ dijo...

I am an animation student. And i am really like Jelly Jamm in everyway,such as animation,script and concept.
And i really wondering that what you are using in your animation timing,12 fps or 25 fps? Because in some parts it really looks flowing,and in some other parts it looks like 12 fps. Thank you in advance.Great job!